Philippine Surfing Federation announces 2012 events

Kenya nationals joined the inaugural event of Siargao Adventure Race in the municipality of Santa Monica last October 4-6, 2011. This was through the initiative of Congressman Francisco Matugas, Governor Sol Matugas and Mayor Dattie Penera in cooperation with the Philippine Surfing Federation or PSF. The local government and PSF are now preparing for the 2nd Siargao Adventure Race, which will be held from October 20 to 22, 2012 with a total prizemoney of Php100,000. Adventure racers all over the globe are invited to join the race.  
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Upcoming sporting events:

August (First Week): CLOUD 9 MASTER
             Venue: Cloud 9, General Luna, Siargao Island

             Venue: Cloud 9, General Luna, Siargao Island
             Total Prizemoney: US$10,000
             Entry Fee:  US$2,000/participant

             Venue:  Santa Monica, Siargao Island
             Total Prizemoney: Php100,000
             Entry Fee: Php1000/Team (2 persons per team)              

September 21-28: Billabong Pro Junior Asia (Deferred)

             Venue: Cloud 9, General Luna, Siargao Island

Billabong Pro Junior Asia at Cloud 9 in General Luna
Siargao International Surfing Cup held on September 29 to October 3 at Cloud 9.

Billabong Pro Junior Asia (5 Star rated event) held on September 21-28, 2011

Siargao International Game Fishing Tournament held on April 27-30, 2012

Roxy Siargao International Women's Cup held on May 1-4, 2012


               Venue: Lanuza, Surigao del Sur
               Total Prizemoney: US$10,000
               Shortboard and Longboard/Men and Women

December 6 to 9 (to be confirmed): Ilocos SurFING CROWN

               Venue: Kiddo's Point, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur

               Venue: Pilar, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

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Singaporean and Canadian anglers catch the biggest billfish in Siargao's 2012 Game Fishing tournament

Pilar Mayor Lucio Gonzales poses with the tourism officers and  winners
 of the 5th Siargao International Game Fishing Tournament.
(L-R) Filipino  angler Mel Dilag, Siargao Tourism Coordinator Donna Tiu,
Tournament Organizer Zeny Pallugna, Tourism Director Letty Tan,
Mayor Lucio Gonzales,  Russian angler Yuri Saminsky,
Tournament Director Atty. Gordon Uy, Spanish angler Morales,
Canadian angler Richard Sharpe and Hungarian angler Paul de Ruiter. 
(L-R/Seated) American angler Noli Manas, Swedish angler Daniel Hogberg,
Singaporian angler Roger Sarmiento and Filipino angler Robert Salahug. 
(Photo by: Jay Directo)

General Luna, Siargao Island ---  Anglers from Singapore and Canada, Roger Sarmiento and Richard Sharpe (respectively), caught the biggest billfish for both main and open categories  in the recently concluded 5th Siargao International Game Fishing Tournament  that was held in the Municipality of Pilar in Siargao Island.

During the three-day tournament (April 27 to 30, 2012), Richard Sharpe caught a 45.5 kg billfish (open boat category) while Roger Sarmiento got 31.50kg billfish (main category).

Noli Manas, an American angler who was determined to catch a Dorado fish (14.20 kg), garnered the first place in the Biggest Dorado category.

Photo by: Jay Directo

Of the fourty-six anglers from Japan, United States of America, Singapore, Sweden, Hungary, Philippines, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain and Russia who  joined in the tournament, ten of them won in the following categories and they received trophies and total cash prizes of P350,000 or approximately US$8,000.

Biggest Billfish Category

a. Main Category:
    First Placer      -   Roger Sarmiento (Singapore) - 31.50 kg
    Second Placer  -   Daniel Hogberg (Sweden) - 26.55 kg
    Third Placer     -   Yuri Saminsky (Russia)   - 25.8kg

b. Open Boat Category: Dave Sharpe (Canada)  - 45.5 kg

Biggest Wahoo/Tanguige

a. Main Category:
    First Placer     -  Yuri Saminsky (Russia) - 9.95 kg
    Second Placer -  Paul de Ruiter (Hungary) - 5.5 kg

b. Open Boat Category: Mike Kennedy (United States of America) - 5.20 kg

Biggest Dorado:  Noli Manas (United States of America) - 14.20 kg

Biggest Total Catch per Boat

a. Main Category:  Noli Manas (United States of America)  - 14.20 kg

b. Open Boat Category:
    First Placer     -  Carlos Morales (Spain)  - 55.90 kg
    Second Placer -  Mike Kennedy (United States of America) - 49.10 kg

Biggest Others Individual Catch for Main and Open Boat Categories

First Placer       -  Robert Salahug (Philippines)  - 9.9 kg
Second Placer   -  Mel Dilag (Philippines) - 5.5 kg

Liplipan Cooking Contest and Food Demo with Chef Eric Rusillon and resident Chef of  Kawili Resorts,  Pinoy Games or Laro ng Lahi, Bikini Fashion Show and nightly live band with San Miguel Corporation were also held to make the event more festive and encourage local community involvement. 

This event was brought to you by the Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte, Office of the Congressman for the First District of Surigao del Norte, Municipality of Pilar and Philippine Surfing Federation in cooperation with the Department of Tourism, Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority, San Miguel Corporation, Team Nonino and Nature Spring.

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Philippines' surfer wins Roxy Siargao Int’l Surfing Cup title

A local surfer from Siargao Island Nilve Blanca grabbed the Roxy Siargao International Surfing Cup
title held at Cloud 9 on Siargao Island from May 1 to 4, 2012. 

General Luna, Siargao Island (May 3, 2012) --- A professional 19-year old local surfer from Siargao Island, Nilve Blanca, took out the crown of the inaugural Asian Surfing Championship event held in the Philippines and the first event to receive the top Ultima rating for its Php300,000 (approximately US$7,000) prize purse in the only all women surfing cup in Asia, dubbed as Roxy Siargao International Surfing Cup. 

A surf photographer/writer, Tim Hain, quoted that "Blancada has only been surfing for four years and was an obvious standout throughout the entire competition, during the final patiently waiting out the back for the best-shaped waves and then putting together great combinations of maneuvers.  Wooldridge was also impressive on her backhand, throwing up big turns and going deep trying to score a barrel ride, but failed to find the wave that would allow her the high score with to overtake Blancada."

“I’m so happy, so really happy” gushed the excited Blancada back in the tower surrounded by her admiring friends and spectators.  “I was so nervous out there, as I’ve never really surfed with just one other surfer in the water.  But it was good because I knew I just had to find the good waves.  So that’s what I tried to do.”

When asked what she was going to do with her winnings, she replied, “I’m going to buy a motorbike!  Then I’m going to share the other money with my family.”  Blancada comes from a family with 10 children, and says she learned to surf from her sister Nildie and brother Nickie.

Kim Wooldridge was smiling and happy as well, saying, “This was so much fun, much different that when I was competing on the world tour.  Back then when I would put on the contest jersey I would feel the pressure and have to force myself to try and relax.  Here it was so different, I was able to just go out there and have fun.  I’m so happy for Nilbie, she has a great style and was ripping out there, and for her to win here is awesome!”

The finalists competing for the championship in today’s final leg (May 3)  include contestants from Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, England, and the Philippines. Manet Alcala of Siargao Island got equal third with Roxy's top rider Philippa Anderson of Australia. 
Meanwhile, the local government here prepared a big and momentous closing ceremony on May 9, 2012 – intended to honor and entertain the participating women surfers from the various parts of the world, including foreign and local tourists.  Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority General Manager Mark Lapid and actor Philip Salvador are expected to grace the occasion. 
A cultural show and sumptuous dinner are also prepared by the local government here for the participants and visitors.
The Roxy Siargao International  Surfing Cup is the biggest surfing event in the Philippines that is held here every year and the only all-women surfing competition in Asia, local officials said.
While the women’s surfing competition concluded today, the three-day 2012 Women’s Beach Volleyball Open will immediately start, while the 14th National Surfing Cup will take place from May 5 to 9, here at the “Cloud 9,” said General Luna Mayor Jaime Plaza Rusillon.
Various events are also sponsored by Surigao del Norte Representatives Francisco “Lalo” T. Matugas and Guillermo “Jun” A. Romarate Jr., and Governor Sol F. Matugas.  The highlight of this year’s summer event in Siargao Island is the all-Filipino celebrity exhibition games to be held in the town of Dapa on the eve of May 9.  Philip Salvador, Joko Diaz, Onyok Velasco, Carlos Morales, Marco Alcaraz, Emilio Garcia, Joseph Bitangcol, EJ Fiehl and Bong Hawkins are the featured celebrities.
The Roxy Siargao International Surfing Cup is presented by the Philippine Surfing Federation and the Municipality of General Luna, held from May 1 to 4, 2012,   was in partnership with the Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte, House of the Representatives for the First District of Surigao del Norte, Department of Tourism, Tourism Infrastruction and Enterprise Zone Authority, and Asian Surfing Championship. Other sponsors include San Miguel Corporations and Smart Communications, Primer Group of Companies, Rockstar Energy Drink, Nature Spring, Philex Mining Corporation and Thirty Six-O Media. 

Roxy Siargao International Surfing Cup Results: 
Champion: Nilve Blancada (Philippines) $2,500 USD (PHP 120,000)
1st Runner-up:  Kim Wooldridge (Australia) $1,500 USD (PHP 60,000)
Equal 3rd:         
3.  Manette Alcala (Philippines) $750 USD (PHP 30,000)
3.  Philippa Anderson (Australia) $750 USD (PHP 30,000) 

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Ceremonial Breaking of the Surfboard

Ceremonial Breaking of the Surfboard: (L-R) Department of Tourism Director Letty Tan,
Surigao del Norte Vice Governor Carlos Egay,  Roxy's Marketing Manager for SEA Holly Monkman
 and General Luna Mayor Jaime Rusillon.
1 May 2012, Siargao Island - Philippines:  The Roxy Siargao International Women’s Surfing Cup at world-class Cloud 9 on Siargao Island got started today in excellent 3-4 foot surf, after it was officially opened by Vice Governor Arturo Carlos Egay, Department of Tourism Director Letty Tan, Roxy's Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia (SEA) Holly  Monkman and Municipal Mayor of General Luna Jamie Rusillon, known affectionately as the Father of Philippine Surfing.

An avid and long-time supporter of surfing, Mayor Rusillon entertained the crowd with a passionate yet humorous speech, welcoming the women contestants and assuring them that Siargao Island had the most handsome men in the Philippines, so he hoped they would all find their perfect mates here.  He continued by referring to the poet Rudyard Kipling and his phase “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet,” and how it was certainly not the case as East has often met West with excellent results as evidenced by the many happy Western/Filipino couples on the Island.  All due to the sport of surfing and its influence on Siargao Island!

His speech was followed by a speech by Roxy’s Marketing Executive for SEA Holly Monkman, who expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to be part of the event, saying “Getting here was a bit of a challenge, but from the moment I arrived I fell in love with this place.  It’s so beautiful with such great waves and people that I’m so delighted to be part of this event.  I want to say a special thanks to Dino and Chinky at the Primer Group for coming in to help sponsor the event for Roxy, and to Tim and Michaela at the ASC for putting us onto this great opportunity.”

Speeches by Department of Tourism Director Letty Tan and Vice Governor Arturo Carlos Egay followed, both very pleased to be supporting the event and pledging their assurances that they would continue to support the event in the future, which drew a big round of applause.  Dances by local groups followed, and then the event was officially opened by the traditional breaking of a surfboard by Vice Governor Egay, Director Tan, Mayor Rusillon, and Holly Monkman.

The 21 women surfers from Australia, England, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Switzerland, and the USA all took to the water today with Round 1 and a Repechage Round of two heats completed in solid 3-4 foot surf.
Occasional bomb sets sent some of the less experienced girls scurrying for the channel and picking off the smaller inside waves, but all the girls had a great experience and even those that lost their heats had another chance to advance with the repechage round. 

Standouts included Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea from Nias in Indonesia winning the first heat of the day, local Nilbie Blancada tearing into the biggest sets of the day for her heat win, Australia’s Philippa Anderson dominating her heat, and mother of two Nildie Blancada-Rietenbach getting the win in arguably the toughest heat of the day against fellow Cloud 9 local Manette Alcala, Daisy Valdez from La Union, and 16 year old Angeline Alipayo from Siargao.

Tomorrow the competition is scheduled to resume at approximately 10 am with Round 3, and conditions are expected to be slightly smaller with variable winds, so look forward to another exciting day of surfing from one of the world’s best surfing spots.

This historic event has the distinction of being both the first-ever Asian Surfing Championship event to be held in the Philippines and the first to receive the top Ultima rating for its PHP 300,000 (approximately $7,000 USD) prize purse in Women’s Division competition.

The Roxy Siargao International Women’s Surfing Cup is supported by the Philippine Department of Tourism, the House of Representatives, the Province of Surigao Del Norte, the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority and the Municipality of General Luna, organized by the Philippine Surfing Federation, and with sponsorship from the Primer Group of Companies, Rockstar Energy Drink the San Miguel Corporation, and media support by Thirty Six-O Media.

For more information about this competition, please contact:

Philippine Surfing Federation
Zeny Pallugna – Secretary General
Asian Surfing Championships
Michaela Partin – Tour Manager

(This article was written by TIm Hain)

The 21 competitors of the Roxy Siargao International Surfing Cup held from May 1 to 4, 2012
at Cloud 9 on Siargao Island.  (Photo by: Tim Hain)

Dayday Arjente of Siargao Island (Photo by: Tim Hain)

Roxy's number one rider Philippa Anderson poses with the other competitors of the
Roxy Siargao International Surfing Cup (Photo by: Tim Hain)

Cloud 9 (Photo by: Tim Hain)

Nildie Blancada of Siargao Island (Photo by: Tim Hain)

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