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Little is known about the past and present of this municipality. Knowledgeable residents of the place like its municipal officials then were for some unknown reasons unable to provide the publicity committee with even a brief information on its history, its struggle for autonomy, its achievements and progress and its blueprints for development.Except for some bits of information gleaned from the office of the Governor then, not much can be written about San Isidro.

Before the municipality became a separate political subdivision in 1960, it was a part of Numancia. It was said that before the barrio was linked with a road to its mother town where the high school is, only very few succeeded in getting a secondary education.

In those days, the best and shortest way to reach Numancia was to travel on foot through a trail which wound through mountainous ranges and muddy terrain. With the construction of roads later and the opening of more s chools in those towns and barrios, San Isidro has not only filled the need for the adequate education of its inhabitants but has also improved its economic pace.From the scant information gathered, San Isidro was the fourth of the five new municipalities in Siargao to be created. It was categorized 7th class municipality.

Source:1970 Souvenir Program of Philippine Public Schools Inter-scholastic Athletic Association Meet (PPSIAA)

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