Siargao Fiesta

Jan 15-16   DAPA

                    Poblacion 1 to 13 - Dapa

Jan 25-26      Brgy. Consolacion - Pilar

Mar 18-19     Brgy. San Miguel - Dapa

                    Brgy. San Jose - Del Carmen

Mar 20-21  SAN BENITO

Apr 4-5       Brgy. Esperanza - Del Carmen

                    Brgy. Jaboy - Pilar

                    Brgy. Malinao - Gen. Luna

                    Brgy. Pelaez - San Isidro

                    Brgy. Rizal - Sta. Monica

Apr 9-10      Brgy. Halian - Del Carmen

                    Brgy. Sering - Socorro

Apr 19-20    Brgy. Salog - Socorro

Apr 25-26     Brgy. Buhing Kalipay - San Isidro

                    Brgy. Mahayahay - Del Carmen

Apr 30 & May 1  Brgy. Alegria - Sta. Monica

                    Brgy. Mabuhay - Del Carmen

                    Brgy. Tawin-Tawin - Gen. Luna

May 1-2      Brgy. Del Pilar - San Isidro

May 2-3      Brgy. Bailan - Sta. Monica

                    Brgy. Datu - Pilar

                    Brgy. Sta. Cruz - Socorro

May 3-4      Brgy. Matin-ao - Burgos

May 4-5      Brgy. Sta. Paz - San Isidro

May 9-10    Brgy. Bitaug - Burgos

May 11-12  Brgy. Dumoyog - Del Carmen

May 12-13  Brgy. Garcia - Sta. Monica


                    Brgy. Cabawa - Dapa

                    Brgy. Cabugao - Del Carmen

                    Brgy. Consuelo - Gen. Luna

                    Brgy. Nueva Estrella - Socorro

May 15-16    Brgy. Del Carmen - San Isidro

                    Brgy. Mabini - Sta. Monica

                    Brgy. Del Pilar - Socorro

                    Brgy. San Carlos - Dapa

May 19-20    Brgy. Honrado - Socorro

                    Brgy. Salvacion - Pilar

                    Brgy. Sayak - Del Carmen

May 21-22  Brgy. Pilaring - Pilar

May 22-23  Brgy. Mabuhay - Pilar

May 24-25  Brgy. La Januza - Gen. Luna

                    Brgy. Tigasao - San Isidro

                    Brgy. Bay-ang - Socorro

May 25-26  Brgy. Doña Helen - Socorro

                    Brgy. Sta. Felomina - Dapa

                    Brgy. Caub - Del Carmen

May 26-27    Brgy. Songcoy - Socorro

May 29-30    Brgy. Antilpolo - Del Carmen

May 30-31    Brgy. Katipunan - Pilar

Jun 4-5        Brgy. Tambacan - San Isidro

Jun 6-7        Brgy. Cancohoy - Del Carmen

Jun 7-8        Brgy. Sta. Fe - Dapa

Jun 8-9        Brgy. Catangnan - Gen. Luna

Jun 10-11    Brgy. Neuvo Campo - San Benito

                    Brgy. Sto. Niño - San Isidro

Jun 11-12    Brgy. Maasin - Pilar

Jun 12-13    Brgy. Corridor - Dapa

                    Brgy. Quezon - Del Carmen

                    Brgy. San Miguel - San Isidro

Jun 13-14    Brgy. Macapagal - San Isidro

Jun 14-15    Brgy. Corazon - Gen. Luna

                    Brgy. Jamoyaon - Del Carmen

                    Brgy. San Mateo - Burgos

Jun 16-17    Brgy. Jubang - Dapa

                    Brgy. Asinan - Dapa

Jun 17-18    Brgy. Suyangan - Gen. Luna

Jun 18-19    SOCORRO

                    Brgy. Navarro - Socorro

                    Brgy. Rizal - Socorro

                    Brgy. Taruc - Socorro

Jun 21-22    Brgy. Daku - Gen. Luna

Jun 23-24    Brgy. Katipunan - Del Carmen

                    Brgy. San Juan - San Benito

                    Brgy. Caridad - Pilar

                    Brgy. Pamosaingan - Socorro

Jun 25-26    Brgy. Dagohoy - Dapa

                    Brgy. Lobogon - Del Carmen

Jun 26-27    Brgy. Buenavista - Dapa

                    Brgy. Magsaysay - Gen. Luna

                    Brgy. Roxas - San Isidro

                    Brgy. Sta. Fe - Gen. Luna

                    Brgy. Tambo - Sta. Monica

Jun 28-29    Brgy. Bitoon - Del Carmen

                    Brgy. Don Paulino - Dapa

                    Brgy. Mabini - Pilar

                    Brgy. Maribojoc - San Benito

Jun 29-30    Brgy. Abad Santos - Sta. Monica

Jul 2-3         Brgy. Anajawan - Gen. Luna

Jul 14-15     Brgy. Cabitoonan - Gen. Luna

Jul 15-16     DEL CARMEN

Jul 21-22     Brgy. Magsaysay - Sta. Monica

Jul 25-26     BURGOS

Jul 26-27     Brgy. Sta. Cruz - Gen. Luna

Jul 27-28     Brgy. Libertad - Sta. MOnica

Jul 28-29     Brgy. Punta - Pilar

Jul 30-31     Brgy. Libertad - Gen. Luna

Aug 15-16   Brgy. San Roque - Socorro

                    Brgy. Bagakay - Dapa

                    Brgy. San Roque - Pilar

Aug 17-18    Brgy. Baybay - Burgos

Aug 27-28   STA. MONICA

                    Brgy. Mabuhay - Sta. Monica
                    Brgy. T. Arlan - Sta. Monica

Sep 1-2       Brgy. Consolacion - Dapa

Sep 17-18   Brgy. Monserrat - Dapa

Sep 21-22   GENERAL LUNA

                    Pob. 1 to 5 - Gen. Luna

Sep 24-25   Brgy. Sudlon - Socorro

Sep 27-28   Brgy. Dayaohay - Pilar

Sep 28-29   Brgy. Cambas-ac - Dapa

Sep 30 & Oct 1 Brgy. Bongdo - San Benito

Oct 6-7        Brgy. San Fernando - Del Carmen

                    Brgy. Osmeña - Dapa

Oct 11-12   PILAR

Oct 13-14    Brgy. Tuboran - Del Carmen

Dec 7-8       Brgy. Centro - Pilar

Dec 24-25   Brgy. Pacifico - San Isidro

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Australian wins 3rd Siargao Int’l Women Surfing Cup

5/25/09 - Two time runner-up World Champion Serena Brooke of Australia surfed her way to victory during the recently concluded 3rd Siargao International Women Cup held on May 11 to 14, 2009 at Cloud 9, Brgy. Catangnan, this town.

Brooke surfed away with a hefty US$2,000 check for the win defeating 23 other women tube riders from Australia, China, Japan, United States and some local folks of Siargao, Baler in Quezon, and La Union province.

During the closing ceremony held recently at the town’s boulevard, Brooke thanked the people of Siargao for their hospitality and warm welcome.

The veteran professional surfer made the crowd pleased when she donated half of her prize to the local women surfers of Siargao.

Other winners proclaimed include Philippa Anderson of Australia who finished in second place with US$1,000 prize. Behind Anderson, Erina Tanaguchi and Kim Wooldrige came in third, Brooke Farris, Nildie Rittenbach, Manel Alcala and Daisy Valdez in fifth.

Special awards also include “Highest Filipina Out of the Money” went to Nielvie Blancada, Mocca Edmusa, Michey Galang and Karen Betsayda. Best Wipeout Award went to Misha Luechinger.
The 3rd Siargao International Women Cup is proudly supported by the Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte with support from the Department of Tourism. (PIA-Surigao del Norte)

Report: Bad weather prompts Arroyo to cancel Siargao trip

5/7/09 MANILA, Philippines – Stormy weather caused by typhoon "Emong" (Chan-Hom) has forced President Arroyo to cancel her engagement in Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte Thursday.

Bombo Radyo reported that while the weather in Siargao is fair, it is inclement in Luzon, from where she is scheduled to take a flight for the island.

A Malacañang statement on Wednesday said President Arroyo was to formally open a sea fishing derby by flinging a baited fishing hook into the Siargao Island waters.

The sea fishing derby is designed to establish and promote Siargao Island not only as a game fishing capital for local and international anglers but also as a favorite tourism destination and surfing paradise.

It is expected to make Siargao Island break into the tourist industry's lexicon of "must visit" destinations. - GMANews.TV

About Siargao

Siargao is composed of 48 islands and islets-politically divided into nine municipalities: Burgos, Dapa, Del Carmen, Gen. luna, Pilar, San Benito, San Isidro, Santa Monica, and Socorro. Read more...

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