Taboan ng Pagbabago

General Luna Boulevard, Siargao Islands


We the recent positive development on our public health situation. We will bring back the good thing that we have started.


To all Siargao Hardin ng Pagbabago Farmers, it is time to prepare for the next Taboan ng Pagbabago this August 21-22, 2020.

Here is the things we should observe on the next event of Taboan:

1. Only practicing local farmers and fishermen are allowed to display and sell their respective products. No comprador or trader shall be allowed to participate in the event. This event is only for those who are part of the farm organization or individual farmer or fishermen. Individual farmer or fisherman are encourage to join the farm orgs of your respective barangay.

2. The product to be displayed and sold must be locally or Siargao produced, planted, manufactured, crafted, processed and caught.

3. No use of any synthetic packaging's, wrappings or containers except those that can be re-used. We highly encourage the farmers to make handcrafted packaging materials to promote the local craft that will not add to the waste management problem.

4. No display or selling of any prohibited fish, birds, or any animals or plants that is either endangered or essential to the balance of ecosystem.

5. All product that will be displayed should have price tags on it to encourage fair and transparent transactions.

6. Always follow the required health protocol during the duration of the event. Every farm organization must assign one (1) health protocol personnel to enforce the protocols.


Source: Hardin ng Pagbabago Siargao
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