Remember, your baby is growing inside you

"Remember, your baby is growing inside you-- connect with her and give her a lot of love." -Yoga Teacher Teryn 

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of yoga in pregnancy. Yoga is safe during pregnancy and it has shown to improve maternal comfort and decreases maternal pain. It also improves birth-weight and lowers the incidence of preterm labor. Some studies suggest its potential in decreasing pregnancy-induced hypertension. 

The Rural Health Unit of San Isidro is happy to jumpstart our first-ever community BUNTIS YOGA class with teacher Teryn! Teacher Teryn is our volunteer yoga guru from New Zealand and had her yoga training in India; most importantly, she is also pregnant at 6 months! 😊 

BUNTIS YOGA classes are free and sessions start at 9 AM every Thursday before prenatal check-up at the Women's Center in San Isidro, Siargao Island. 

 Right now, we only have 15 yoga mats and there are more mothers who would like to join us. For my friends who have extra yoga mats and would like to donate them, you can message me so that we can accomodate more mothers for our BUNTIS YOGA sessions in the island. Namaste! 🍃😌🙏

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Written by: Christian James Nazareth
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