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The historical Origin of this municipality dates back to the time when it was still a Barrio called Cabuntog. During the early Spanish era this barrio had a church bell that was so big that whenever it was rang, it could be heard as far as the Mindanao mainland. The loud ringing sound often caused more pirates from Mindanao to come to the barrio and raid it.

The inhabitants fearing the repeated depredations of the marauders in the barrio finally decided to throw or drop (buntog) the bell into the Campuhong River. Hence, Cabuntog after the words Campuhong and Buntog.

Although Cabuntog was already a municipality in the Spanish regime, it was during the American Administration that it was formally organized into the municipality of General Luna, its present name. It was inaugurated on August 1, 1929.

Before typhoon "Atring" hit Siargao Island in April 1969. General Luna was the biggest copra producer in the province of Surigao, but after about 50% of its coconut plantation were blown down by the typhoon, its copra production dipped considerably forcing the farmers to plant short-term crops to augment their income.
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