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It was said that during the Spanish Regime, a group of Jesuit missionaries happed to be assigned at Sapao, now called the Municipality of Sta. Munica. They were fascinated with the vast array of blooming Talisay Tress in the place where the Municipality of San benito presently stands. Theire enachanment made them to name the place "Talisay". After exploring the place and observing the cultural behavior of the people, a chapel was built bearing the relic of Saint Benedict. After a couple of years. Talisay was changed to San benito in honor of Saint Benedict, its patron saint.

San Benito became a civil barrio of Sapao. When Sapao was reverted to a barrio by virtue of an executive order of the Military Governor, San Benito was then ceded to Numancia, now Del Carmen, and became its largest barangay. It was Congressman Constantino C. Navarro, Sr. , who proposed and sponsored a bill for the creation of San Benito as a new municipality. After complying with the formalities and legal requirements, on September 17, 1971, Republic Act No. 6396 came into being creating the Municipality of San Benito. Presently, the town is composed of six (6) barangays, namely: Talisay, Sta. Cruz, Nuevo Campo, san Juan, Bongdo and Maribojoc. The Municipality of San Benito is one of the richest fishing grounds in siargao Island fishing ranked second in terms of source of income of the people.
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